Meet Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna Ostrovsky is originally from Tashkent, Russia. In Russia, Dr. Ostrovsky received her original Doctor of Dental Medicine and was a practicing dentist there.

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Preferred Patient Membership Program

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Dear Patient,

Our office is extremely pleased to introduce our Preferred Membership Program to you!

We know dental insurance is costly, many employers do not offer it, and even if you are insured, many procedures are not fully covered.

We want to be able to help ensure you maintain good dental health and can afford preventative maintenance to ensure the overall health of your teeth!
These are the reasons we have developed the Preferred Membership Program!

Please review the following information as it will inform you how to beome a Preferred Patient and what the membership includes:

Included in the membership :

  • Initial comprehensive oral evaluation with a series of full mouth x-rays
  • 2 prophylaxis or 2 periodontal maintenances a year - (Cleanings)
  • 2 periodic oral evaluations (exams) a year
  • 2 sets of bitewing x-rays a year
  • Discounted fees on the majority of our procedures

You pay a one time membership fee per year and receive all the above services at no charge.
The Program is offered solely for the purchaser's benefit and can not be transferred or negotiated.
Benefits will expire if unused at the end of each calendar year.
The Preferred Membership Program is offered by the dental office of Dr. Anna Ostrovsky D.M.D, P.A., and is not provided by any other insurance or dental coverage company.
We hope you will be as excited as we are that we are offering the NEW Preferred Membership Program and will take advantage of this opportunity!

Dr. Anna Ostrovsky and Staff